Back to the Future Truths

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Destination '55 13x19 PrintStranger than Fiction

In Back To The Future Part 2, the infamous date set on the Delorean time machine to go into the future was today, at 4.29pm on 21 October 2015. Here is a list of predictions from the movie that came (or came close to being) true:

  • Self-tying trainers – These are actually in the works today from Nike designer Tinker Hatfield, which are due for release in late 2015.
  • Remember the holographic 3D Jaws that attacked Marty as he approached the cinema? Although we don’t quite have that technology just yet, our current 3D (including wearing the 3d glasses of course) movies are a step in the right direction.  We’re still waiting on Jaws 19 though…
  • Watching multiple TV channels on a huge wall mounted flat screen TV – Well thanks to lcd/led technology, flat screens are now ubiquitous.  Whilst we’re generally only viewing one thing at a time, in our current age of mobile phones and tablets, we’ve never had more choice in the content that we feel like watching, at any given time that suits us.
  • The obsession with technology and the indifference through familiarity it brings as shown during a distracted family dinner – Check!
  • Videophones – We have Facetime, Skype and plenty of other professional online meetings apps to now choose from.
  • Hover boards – Although, there are a number of prototypes out there, it’s sadly not quite a done deal yet but… it’s getting pretty close!  Check out Lexar’s prototype here.
  • Wearable tech – Again, in the family dinner scene, both kids can be seen wearing tech glasses with one pair actually receiving a phone call.  Today we have Google glasses.  Google however recently announced it would stop production of it’s prototype, but would continue to develop the technology.
  • Finger print recognition – In the movie this is used to enter Jennifer’s home and also as a payment method for a taxi cab – although we’re all still generally using good ‘ol fashioned keys to get into our pads, fingerprint readers are being used to log into some brands of laptops and phones.



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