Halloween Horror Movies

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This Halloween, why not re-visit some of the very best in cult horror movies for your late night viewing kicks.  One of our all time favourite horror films is Stanley Kubrick’s 1980 masterpiece “The Shining”, which is still as arresting as the day it was released.  The film is littered with now iconic movie moments, like the expertly shot sequence of Danny’s tricycle trundling down the corridors of the Overlook, or the chase inside the frozen 3d maze outside at night…this movie is up there in our top five of all time!



Here at The Art Lounge, under the Dirty Great Pixels brand we have a range of minimalist and abstract horror and zombie movie inspired prints.  View over our favourites below.

From The Shining movie our ‘Don’t Look Back’ print.

From 28 Days Later our zombie ‘Into The Black’ print.

From The Army Of Darkness zombie movie our ‘Shop Smart’ print.






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