Mid Century Colour Palette


The current trend of everything mid century certainly doesn’t seem to be slowing down, with everybody wanting a slice of 1950’s living. And why wouldn’t they? I absolutely love the colour palette’s and general design aesthetic from this time and find myself continually inspired.  Visit my range of art prints inspired by mid-century colour palettes.

With muted and earthy tones used as the foundation of all mid-century schemes, adding in a bright accent colour that really zings!  Unafraid of the bold and the clash, the sense of play is great.  This age of colour-way spans time from Bauhaus up to the middle of the 20th century.

One artist that has caught my eye of late is Budi Kwan, AKA Picomodi, who has a vast range of art prints. This particular one entitled ‘Flock of birds’ uses a lovely mid century inspired palette along with some classy retro styling. Visit their Society 6 art store here.



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