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I have a love of all things typography, from the wonky whimsical to dynamic graphic designs and playing with negative space.  For me, I enjoy playing with the type so that it engages the viewer whilst getting the point across. How can I convey the information in a graphic way that makes it readable and clever? It starts with having something to say and then playing with the visual impact. Some typographic designs and ideas are super clever and get the viewer thinking, whether informative or as a marketing tool, this type of art must be visually clever and stimulating. When you look at good typography, it does the job and feels just right!  View my ‘Typography’ pinterest board here.

Here are a few examples of designs that I think achieve great graphic impact.


Title: L’affiche Typographique

By: Bansri Thakkar



Title: Study for a typeface

By:Laura Meseguer



Article Title: 100 Book Covers to Fight Illiteracy



Title: Five

By: Neil Stevens




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