The Art Lounge is home to Dirty Great Pixels UK

Graphic artist Chris is well known in the global geek-sphere as the owner and creator at Dirty Great Pixels.

Armed with his trusty side-kick, his Wacom pen and with a serious number of pixel pushing hours under his belt, he has received much love for his sci-fi, gaming, movie, TV and geeky graphic art prints and posters.

In 2015, Chris launched The-Art-Lounge as a central hub for all of his digital illustrations, from his ever popular geek culture, to quirky typography, nature inspired and most recently to his ongoing obsession with contemporary abstract art.  You will be pleased to know that Dirty Great Pixels is alive and well, with new projects in the works and many a cult movie being watched and reimagined.  Our complete range of designs can be found in the 'shop tab' above or through our Etsy store.

Gaming Inspired Prints

Organised Chaos_blg


Champions Of Speed_blg

Fantasy Movie Inspired Prints

Sweet Disco Skills_blg


Sci-Fi Movie Inspired Prints


Blue Ruin_blg

Destination 55_blg

Horror Movie Inspired Prints

Don't Look Back_blg

Shop Smart_blg

Into The Black_blg