Centrifugal Print


Centrifugal Print – This monochrome graphic design is based on the iconic ‘centrifugal’ scene from Kubrick’s seminal sci-fi epic.  Clean, sharp lines describe the sweeping arcs along with the echo’s of a runner lapping continuously around the structure.  Geek out your walls with alternative sci-fi movie posters by The-Art-Lounge.


not rated £16.00£26.00
Nature’s End Print


Nature’s End Print – Set inside one of the giant geodesic domes, earth’s last remaining flora and fauna float through space in the hope of one day returning to earth to reforestate the planet. This tranquil paradise hides the ultimate sadness of this 1970’s sci-fi classic.


not rated £16.00£26.00
Tricksy Print


Tricksy Print – A graphic fantasy poster featuring Tolkien’s twisted subterranean character, deep in the damp freezing caverns of the Forbidden pool. Our range of fantasy prints bring cult movies to life in your home. Only available at the Art Lounge.


not rated £14.00£26.00