Centrifugal Print


Centrifugal Print – This monochrome graphic design is based on the iconic ‘centrifugal’ scene from Kubrick’s seminal sci-fi epic.  Clean, sharp lines describe the sweeping arcs along with the echo’s of a runner lapping continuously around the structure.  Geek out your walls with alternative sci-fi movie posters by The-Art-Lounge.


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Esc Print


Esc Print – Only three letters long, yet this iconic abbreviation has been the saviour of the civilised world for decades. Originally created by IBM in the 1960’s, the humble escape key remains as the go to keyboard button. Available in various print sizes from the drop down menu.


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Home Print


Home Print – Celebrate the space you call home with this modern, minimal design which will put a knowing smile on anyone’s face that comes to visit. Alternatively, why not give this as a new home/house warming gift?


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Champions Of Speed Print


Champions Of Speed Print – Featuring everyone’s favourite hedgehog, but with a sneaky twist. This design has been given an old vintage poster treatment, reminiscent of the classic Monaco Grand Prix posters of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The French text translates as ‘Champions Of Speed’. Bring some classic gaming geekery to your walls. Only available at the Art Lounge.


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Cherry Blossom Print


Cherry Blossom Print – This modern design features a spring blossom photograph with a softened background of contrasting blossom highlights. With a bold pink colour palette that is gently framed by the soft and muted blue tones. Bring the beauty of Japanese cherry blossom into your home with our range of nature inspired photographic art prints.


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Geocentric Print


Geocentric Print – This modern abstract geometric print features a mid century inspired colour palette, along with a subtle distressed vintage treatment to gently soften out the straight lines. Dress your home interior with our range of contemporary abstract designs. Available in a variety of print sizes from 7×5 Inches, up to 13×19 Inches.


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Cloaked Print


Cloaked Print – This graphic typography print draws inspiration from the cult 1987 American science fiction action film.  The type is cleverly disguised to mimic the cloaking camouflage mechanism employed by the alien. The design also features a subtle splash of luminous green blood in the lower right corner as a further homage to this now iconic movie.  This print is part of a typography collection inspired by cult retro movies.


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Loops Print


Loops Print – A fun and quirky mid century inspired abstract art print to add some pops of colour to your walls. Available in a range of sizes from the drop down menu.


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Reverb Print


Reverb Print – This retro styled graphic design print would make a design statement as part of your modern home interior. The print has been heavily distressed to give it an aged, destroyed beauty. Take a look at the close up previews to appreciate the effect in detail.


not rated £14.00£26.00
Vintage London Travel Print


Vintage London Travel Print – This retro graphic design poster depicts the iconic London underground network within a series of concentric circles. Featuring a muted mid century palette, the design has also been carefully distressed to complement the overall vintage effect. Available in a range of sizes from the drop down menu.


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Colour Totem Print


Colour Totem Print – This modern geometric design features clean linear forms with 2D and 3D elements that combine together to draw the eye in. The colour palette features subtle pastels along with dark blues and greys, which have been lightly distressed to subtly age the design. This print is part of a graphic collection inspired by the early pioneers of abstract art.



not rated £8.00£21.00
Coloured Blocks Print


Coloured Blocks Print – This modern mid century inspired geometric design will add fun and warmth to your home interior, with it’s playful shapes and retro styling.


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